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Recently, we have seen a lot of interest in our Hellcat .380 ACP. Some folks have asked us,

 “Why is the Hellcat .380 superior to other firearms in its class?”

Over and over, our customers tell us they are impressed because the I.O. Hellcat .380

  1. has a life-time warranty,
  2. is made in America,
  3. comes with excellent customer service, and
  4. is not just easy to use, but is also very accurate.

Making the best .380 ACP in the world right here at home

How do we do it?  First, we evaluated what was currently on the market before we designed our pistol. Then, we built the best .380 auto out of the best materials with the best manufacturing processes.

Here are just a couple of the critical differences between our Hellcat .380 and other .380 automatics manufactured elsewhere:

  • We machine our own slides in-house out of a solid 4140 steel 1″ x 1″ billet, not 3/4″ billet. That lets us give you the highest quality .380 auto with a real line of sight with front and rear sights which are a bit heavier and reduce recoil. Plus, we have a proprietary design for the internal shape of the slide which makes it easy to cock.
  • Our frames are manufactured from T6 aircraft aluminum and also CNC machined in-house, right here in Monroe, North Carolina. Our plastic parts are manufactured from state of the art polymer material.
  • Our plastic frame is wider and allows proper fit for your hands, which also reduces recoil.

Hellcat .380 is Easy to fire with great accuracy

Our Hellcat .380 is easy to cock, has minimum recoil, and is very controllable. Plus, we have real front and rear sights, so the accuracy is great. At 10-15 yards you can still hold a 2-3” group.

Find a Hellcat .380 Dealer

Please go take a look for yourself and let us know what you think of our Hellcat .380. To find a dealer near you, you should click here.


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.380 auto Hellcat made in USA by IO, Inc.

Hellcat .380 slide milled in-house from 4140 steel billet

Big Demand, but No Good Supply of High-Quality .380 ACP

The idea of the Hellcat came up during a lunch meeting with a distributor friend.

In 2009 there was a strong demand for a sub compact pistol in caliber .380. We researched what was available on the market and combined the best features of all products into the Hellcat.

Hellcat combines Best Engineering, Design and Manufacturing of .380 Auto

In order to ensure that we made the best .380 automatic in the world, we focused on key things:

  • We had our engineers draw up the original gun plans.
  • We bought new, specialized CNC equipment to manufacture our own frames and other other components.
  • We had our engineers totally redesign the Hellcat to make it the most reliable subcompact .380 auto.
  • We now manufacture all major components in-house, with everything made in the USA.

Completely Re-Designed Hellcat is Backed by a Life-Time Warranty

The Hellcat one was developed within 4 month from the idea to the first production sample. We were not happy with the quality of our suppliers and therefore we bought more CNC equipment to manufacture more parts in house, including the slide.

In May, 2011, we hired a mechanical engineer who totally redesigned our Hellcat to make it the most reliable subcompact .380 in its class.

The Hellcat is the only handgun in its class to incorporate a real line of sight, with both a rear and florescent front sight.

We proudly back the Hellcat with a life-time warranty, and we guarantee the function of the Hellcat with most factory ammunition on the market.

Go see the Hellcat for Yourself

We make the Hellcat with the highest quality materials, parts, engineering, and manufacturing.  See for yourself at your local gun store, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shop or visit us online at  Or to find a retailer near you, you should click here.