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Hellcat II – Best .380 Auto in the World

As I.O., Inc., one of our goals has been to manufacture the best .380 automatic handgun in the world and to make it right here in America.

With our predecessor company, Interordnance of America, LP, we began as licensed firearms importers. As we traveled the world, looking for the best firearms products for our customers, we noticed the need for a high-quality .380 auto that was reliable, accurate, and inexpensive. We couldn’t find one. So, we decided to build it ourselves.

In April, 2010, we introduced the original I.O. Hellcat .380. It was a big hit with our customers and it got great reviews, like these by Jeff Quinn of Since its introduction, we have sold 10,000 Hellcats. Now, the Hellcat II raises the bar again.

I.O., Inc. – Always Improving our Firearms Products

At I.O., Inc., we are always looking for ways to improve our firearm products. So, in the summer of 2011, we looked at how we could improve the Hellcat .380. We re-examined everything, including

  • Engineering and Design,
  • Manufacturing Techniques and Processes, and
  • Quality Control.

Recently, Jason Dover, the Head of Engineering at I.O., Inc. went over several of the key improvements we have made in these areas.

Improved Engineering and Design

Key upgrades include

  1. Design changes to the trigger bar and trigger cam, making the action even smoother and more consistent;
  2. Upgrading materials for the Hellcat extractor, ensuring durability and functionality for every round fired; and
  3. Fine-tooling the frame’s design, to provide a relief area around the magazine, to ensure reliable ammunition feed.

Best Manufacturing Processes

In addition to the Hellcat’s improved engineering and design, we also made our manufacturing even better. The Hellcat is still 100% made in America. In fact, for the parts we make ourselves in-house in Monroe, North Carolina, even the manufacturing machines we use are made in the USA. Even so, we are always looking to improve. One of the manufacturing improvements for the Hellcat .380 was to use specific heat treatments to quench and temper the barrel and to case harden the slide. Another key improvement was to change to a machined extractor. So, you get an even more reliable and durable .380 automatic which is guaranteed to work for life.

Ensuring you get the Highest-Quality .380 Auto in the World

Quality is key. Getting our customers the highest-quality .380 auto in the world was the reason we started manufacturing the Hellcat .380. These are just some of the actual steps we take every day to make sure we continue to make the best .380 automatic:

  • Three I.O. employees inspect every Hellcat for visual points, looking to make sure that the firearm looks right and to check for any obvious problems.
  • Two I.O. employees check every Hellcat for functionality, test-firing each weapon on our in-house firing range.
  • Every 100th Hellcat produced goes through an extensive testing phase, in which the firearm is shot more than 30 times. (See the video below.)

If a Hellcat doesn’t pass, it is completely stripped down and rebuilt using all new parts.

VIDEO: Test-firing each Hellcat .380 to ensure you get the highest quality .380 auto in the world.

Find a Hellcat Dealer

If you are here, chances are the Hellcat .380 has caught your attention. It’s a great gun. We guarantee it. For information on how to purchase one, you should click here.


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