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We discontinued the production of the Hellcat .380 pistol. The huge number of competitors on the market brought us to the conclusion to develop something new and better, than what is existing.

We will keep you posted at the appropriate point of time with our new concealed carry models.

In the meantime we developed the Venom .45 ACP pistol.


“Well, it took a while but now it’s done! We present you a classic American piece of history, which is still going strong and adapted itself to modern times. This is our take on the famous M1911 .45 ACP pistol with all the improvements you can ask for in a 21st century hand gun without missing the unbeatable stopping power of the classic .45 ACP cartridge.

Our Venom is a “Snake in the Grass” just waiting for the opportunity to strike!

Our I.O. Inc. Venom .45 ACP 1911 features ambidextrous safety, unique forward slide serrations for visual inspections and tapered magwell for rapid magazine changes. It has a 416 SS forged barrel with chamber indicator. The Venom also comes with a built-in picatinny rail, adjustable lightweight aluminum trigger, standard dovetail cuts and textured side grips. Includes 8 round .45 ACP magazine. Includes foam lined hard carrying case.

• 416 SS barrel w/chamber indicator

• Tapered Magwell

• Lightweight Adjustable Trigger

• Ambidextrous Safety

• Low Profile Sites

• Built in Picatinny

• Unique Serrated Forward Slide

• Dovetail Cuts

• Includes 8r .45 ACP Magazine and

foam lined carry case


The Venom will be available at your stocking gun dealer in November.


Thank you for coming to my site.

God Bless,

Uli Wiegand


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