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Highest Quality .380 ACP in the World

We proudly stamp the I.O., Inc. Hellcat .380 Made in USA. But it’s not just a slogan. We mill and manufacture every part of the Hellcat .380 in America so that we know that you are getting the highest quality .380 auto in the world today.

Comments from Customers and Reviewers on Hellcat .380

Below you will find comments from some of our highly satisfied customers as well as from folks who have written or even made a video review of the Hellcat .380. They have taken the time to tell us what they think, and we are happy to share their comments with you.

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Recent Hellcat .380 Customer Service Testimonial

Best Customer Service Ever

"Best Customer Service Ever" - Johnny

At I.O., Inc., we pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality firearms right here in America. We also proudly stand behind every product we make. Recently, we had the opportunity to help one of our customers, named Johnny, who had a problem with a particular Hellcat .380. Johnny was kind enough to let us share his comments with you here:

“First off I bought the Hellcat because I liked the the look and feel of the pistol and it was made in my home state of North Carolina. I had a problem with a broken extractor, sent it back to I.O.INC on a Sunday and got it back on Wednesday 4 days later.

Received an email from Uli Wiegand stating they stand behind their product and I.O.INC would take care of my problem.

A 4 day turn around is without a doubt THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever seen from any company!

I have put 50 rounds thru the Hellcat without a problem with one! I love this little pocket pistol, fun to shoot and a great all day carry pistol. I would and have recommend the Hellcat and I.O.INC to everyone who is looking for a good pistol and a company that stands behind their product with the best customer service ever! Also would like to thank Jason Dover, an engineer from I.O.INC that called me to talk to me about my broken extractor.

Uli thank you and pleased feel free to put any of this on your website and to tell your people I said thank you for their help and services.”

— Johnny

If You Ever Have a Problem, Just Contact Us

If you ever have a problem with an I.O., Inc. Hellcat 380, please contact us, so that we can address it immediately. To contact I.O., Inc., you should click here. Also, you can always email the President, Uli Wiegand, directly through his personal contact page at Contact Uli.


Reviews of Hellcat .380

by Administrator on November 10, 2011

Video Review of Hellcat .380 ACP by Jeff Quinn of GunBlast.com

Watch the Video Review

Video Review of Hellcat .380 ACP

Back in August, 2010, Jeff Quinn of GunBlast.com tested the I.O., Inc. Hellcat .380 ACP on camera. Jeff put a video review up on YouTube of the original Hellcat. Since then, the Hellcat  has been completely re-engineered and upgraded, and it now comes with a pistol pouch and one 1 x 6 rd magazine. To see Jeff’s video, you should click here.

Written Review of Hellcat .380 ACP

In addition to his video review of the Hellcat, Jeff also posted a written review of the Hellcat, complete with photos, on GunBlast.com. Again, this was the original Hellcat,which has since been re-engineered and improved.  Here are a few, key excerpts from Jeff’s review:

“Upon examining the Hellcat 380, it is apparent that it is built of quality materials, and the pistol shows no machining marks, inside nor out.”

“The Hellcat has a pronounced curve to the back of the grip, and is very comfortable in my hand.”

“The I.O. Hellcat was easy to control, even when using the high performance ammunition from Cor-Bon and Buffalo Bore…. Every type of ammunition tested performed flawlessly.”

“I.O. provides the extra magazine in the box. All you need is ammo, and the Hellcat is ready to go to work.”

“The Hellcat 380 is a pistol well-suited to personal defense. It is small enough and light enough to always be within reach.”

To read the Jeff’s whole review of the Hellcat, including his report on testing 8 types of .380 ammunition with the Hellcat, you should click here.