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As a firearms manufacturer, we are very proud to be a part of this community. Upon reflection of recent events, and witnessing the bravery and selflessness of the service personnel that came to the aid of victims last month – The thoughts of our President / CEO, Uli Wiegand, turned to our local Police Department. We wanted to show our appreciation for the service they provide to our city. They work hard every day to help keep us safe and secure. We have decided to donate 5 of our new KM15 AR-15 rifles to the Palm Bay SWAT Team. This is the video from our presentation held June 30, 2016.


Dear Valued Customers,

I would like to give you an update about the latest progress at Inter Ordnance. A lot of time has passed since our last post. We have been very busy adding machines, increasing production capacity, and improving the production workflow.

At the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, we presented new products and prototypes in order to seek industry input regarding which product to bring to the market first. We were overwhelmed with the excitement and response of our customers. For example, we introduced two SBR ready AK-47’s. One as a side-folder and the other one is an under-folding carbine.


IMG_2580_edit We had a lot of traffic in our booth, saw old friends and made new ones! IMG_2543_edit We displayed one of our SBR Ready Rifles in the New Product Showcase



Additionally, we displayed a US made PSL variant.  This rifle is very similar to the original but made to the latest production methods.

ShotShowScreenshot1 Our US made PSL prototype was very popular with customers



We have so much news to share. Many exciting developments have taken place in the last 6 months. We have added more CNC Machines, more talented production personnel, and more capacity in order to meet the ever growing demand for our products. We are very pleased to continue to offer high quality American Made firearms at a fair and honest price. If you compare pricing of our products you will find that we are less expensive than inferior imported products.

Some of our achievements are as follows:

  • The purchase of an entire barrel manufacturing line including 2 gun drills, a rifling machine, and 2 CNC lathes. This equipment will allow us to sustain our own barrel consumption
  • The purchase of various pallet and horizontal mills to manufacture our own AR-15 upper and lower receivers. (Machined to Mil-Spec)
  • New mass production fixtures were designed and manufactured to allow the increase in manufacturing output for our AK firearms.
  • We designed new quality control fixtures and procedures at every station to ensure a top quality product made to Mil-Spec.

These are only a few of the technical achievements accomplished during the first half of the year.

IMG_6409_edit Our Barrel drill is now fully operational. IMG_6413_edit Manufacturing Barrels in house will be a great benefit IMG_6142_edit We have added another pallet CNC Mill to our CNC machining center



All our AK rifles come standard with a life time transferable warranty. We are so confident in our craftsmanship that we are the only AK manufacturer to offer this peace of mind.

Some of the technical features of our AK product line are:

  • 1/4” longer magazine release
  • Fully heat treated receiver
  • Manufactured exactly to Polish Blue Prints
  • Nitrided barrel
  • Tactical bolt hold open safety
  • Recoil buffer
  • 15% stronger recoil spring to prolong the life of your firearm and to reduce felt recoil.
  • CNC machined scope mount rail (Not available on AKM247 base model)
  • Match Trigger components (3lb trigger pull)


All our new tactical rifles, the M214 and AKM247-T come standard with our new proprietary tactical over molded pistol grip and an adjustable RPK type rear sight.

Our new Rubber overmolded Tactical Pistol grip and RPK style Rear sight Our new Rubber overmolded Tactical Pistol grip and RPK style Rear sight

Moving on to our new M215 series of rifles. They are machined with Mil-Spec receivers and some of the standard features are:

  • 15” free floating KeyMod rail system on our new KM-15
  • 6 position adjustable butt stock
  • Magpul 30rd. magazines
  • 16” M4 profile barrel that have the desirable 1/8 twist
  • Low Profile gas block
  • We will offer a Cerakote version of our KM-15 in tan color (FDE)
Our new KM-15 Our new KM-15


All of this could only be accomplished with the help of our great staff. Many of our team members were working for NASA or DOD contractors before they came on board. Also, we have many veterans who have joined our ever growing team. This workforce is lead by a qualified and dedicated engineering team. With their mass production experience of precision components, we are able to accomplish our goals. Not only has our engineering team the experience, but they also have engineering degrees to back up their qualification.

In an effort to reach out to our dealers and end users, to strengthen the relationships and increase the knowledge base, we will begin offering an Armoror’s course for the AK and AR15 platform. These will begin in Fall and take place once a month at our plant in Palm Bay, Florida. Once these courses are successfully completed each student will receive certification as a factory authorized service provider/armoror.

I encourage you to monitor our website and social media to stay current with events happening at the factory.

I appreciate your time reading this update and thank you for your interest and business.

God Bless you, your families, and God Bless America,

Uli Wiegand
President / CEO
I.O. Inc.



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