As the president of Inter Ordnance I would like to keep you, our valued customers, updated on current events at Inter Ordnance.  While at Shot Show, several of you had questions and comments regarding our new and growing manufacturing facility in Palm Bay, Florida and its effects on our quality and accuracy.

127The move to Florida’s Space Coast was a huge success for Inter Ordnance. We are proud to say that all parts and components are new and manufactured here in the USA.  We were able to hire dedicated and experienced former NASA personnel and veterans.  We use state of the art Haas CNC mills and lathes, a California based company with the largest, most modern machine tool manufacturing operation in the U.S.  Our engineering team designed several production methods which allows us to achieve a grouping of 100 yards of 1-2 inches MOA.  Because we machine our forgings and castings in our state of the art machine shop,  we were able to eliminate stress on the trunnion and barrel during the head spacing process, and machine and marry the trunnions to the receiver ensuring that the barrel and trunnion are always 100% aligned.

We achieve such quality and accuracy by starting with 100% U.S. made brand new mil spec parts.  Picture an engine. In a brand new engine, all parts are new and manufactured to specification. If you use old parts in a new motor, none of the parts are 100% matching or aligned. So it is obvious that longevity and gas mileage will never be as good as with brand new parts. It is exactly the same with firearms.  If you use used and worn components from mismatched guns like trunnions, bolt heads, etc., then you will never achieve a 100% fit from used parts. Because of this, we now offer a service to the home builders to provide them with brand new mil spec parts, made right here at the Space Coast.  Please contact us at for more information.

We believe in our product and are confident in its performance and quality, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our production. This warranty is also transferrable to a new owner, as long as the new owner registers the product with us.

We encourage our Inter Ordnance customers to check out our new Venom .45 ACP 1911 pistol. The pistol is now in production, and will be delivered shortly to our distributors and dealers.

We truly appreciate the positive comments made in person at the Shot Show, and on the various forums on the web. We are working hard to provide to you a quality product made entirely in the U.S.A.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or my staff directly. We are here for anything you may need.


God Bless


Uli Wiegand

President, Inter Ordnance


IMG_1343 IMG_1345

Mr. David Fortier and James Tarr,with myself, and Ramzi Kheiredine, our head of engineering.

Again, thank you so much for your business and support.






We discontinued the production of the Hellcat .380 pistol. The huge number of competitors on the market brought us to the conclusion to develop something new and better, than what is existing.

We will keep you posted at the appropriate point of time with our new concealed carry models.

In the meantime we developed the Venom .45 ACP pistol.


“Well, it took a while but now it’s done! We present you a classic American piece of history, which is still going strong and adapted itself to modern times. This is our take on the famous M1911 .45 ACP pistol with all the improvements you can ask for in a 21st century hand gun without missing the unbeatable stopping power of the classic .45 ACP cartridge.

Our Venom is a “Snake in the Grass” just waiting for the opportunity to strike!

Our I.O. Inc. Venom .45 ACP 1911 features ambidextrous safety, unique forward slide serrations for visual inspections and tapered magwell for rapid magazine changes. It has a 416 SS forged barrel with chamber indicator. The Venom also comes with a built-in picatinny rail, adjustable lightweight aluminum trigger, standard dovetail cuts and textured side grips. Includes 8 round .45 ACP magazine. Includes foam lined hard carrying case.

• 416 SS barrel w/chamber indicator

• Tapered Magwell

• Lightweight Adjustable Trigger

• Ambidextrous Safety

• Low Profile Sites

• Built in Picatinny

• Unique Serrated Forward Slide

• Dovetail Cuts

• Includes 8r .45 ACP Magazine and

foam lined carry case


The Venom will be available at your stocking gun dealer in November.


Thank you for coming to my site.

God Bless,

Uli Wiegand


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